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Ramstein Used Cars opened its location outside Rose Barracks in Vilseck in January 2020 with the mission to offer Quality Used Cars and deliver exceptional service to the US Military community in Bavaria.



I have had the pleasure and privilege to work with the military and DOD civilians since 2009. I joined the RUC team in 2019 and have flourished in Vilseck with my colleague Jason. Delivering vehicles to thousands of customers over this amount of time has been a highlight of my life. Team Vilseck has now also won the Best of Germany Best Used Car Dealership in Bavaria for 2022 and 2023 which we are very proud of. As a location within the RUC chain, we have won location of the year 2020 and then I personally won salesperson of the year 2021 based on percentages. I have also received 5-star customer service awards for over 10 years in a row. Even with these accomplishments behind me, I continue to exhaust all avenues to make myself and RUC Vilseck bigger and better for our amazing customers. Take care, stay safe and thanks so much for your service.


Jason Gilligan here and I work in the Vilseck Divison of Ramstein Used Cars in Bavaria with my colleague Joe Dunne. We form the award-winning Team Vilseck! I have been serving the US personal with their transport needs since 2007 with the goal of providing exceptional customer service. I have been recognized for this exceptional service multiple times at both company’s that I have worked with since 2007. I joined Ramstein Used Cars sold on its vision of being a customer centric company which I felt aligned with my core values when it opened and expanded to Bavaria in January 2020. In the year 2020, both Joe and I were delighted to be awarded with Ramstein Used Cars “Location of the year Award”. It’s a very competitive award to win with so many great locations competing. We were over the moon to have been recognized for our achievements. The accolades for Team Vilseck would continue to follow as we would be voted the “Best Pre-Owned Dealer Bavaria” by readers of the Stars & Stripes in both 2022 and just recently for 2023, these awards have been extra special as it was voted by you the military personal in Bavaria. On a personal note I was voted Ramstein Used Cars “ MVP 2022”, in the proudest moment of my career, it was a special moment to be singled out individually among my peers. The core of my Selling Philosophy was implemented the moment I was taught it by Lee Dubois and will remain for many Years to come “ Think of the Customer first, last and always “. Look forward to assisting and helping you in the near future.

Catchment area: Grafenwohr/Hohenfels/Ansbach/ Vilseck

Celebrating 2 years in a row as Pre-Owned Dealer of the Year, as voted by readers of Stars and Stripes!!!​